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D is for…

December 17, 2007

Dads – I have a great one! He wasn’t the best growing up but he is more than making up for it now!  He came by yesterday just to check on me and my foot – under the pretense of showing me his picture of his dog with Santa. *snicker*  My dad has an odd habit though: he buys new cars and sells them after about a month.  He recently bought a Corvette then decided it was too small (well, why would one have thought that – especially after making the purchase?) so he sold it.  He bought the new Mustang model the day they came out.  Then got sick of it because “Everyone has one”.  *rolleyes and giggle*

Keith is a terrific dad. Say whatever bad you might about him, he loves three girls terribly.  He plays stupid giddy games with them all that I do not have the patience for.  He helps with math, because I don’t have the smarts for math.  He apparently hugs better than anyone and writes stories for children to take away their fears.

Abby doesn’t have such a good dad.  There are days I wish I had never met him.  But I know I wouldn’t have her without him. There are days I wish he would move to Belize.  There are days I wish he would just join the Witness Protection Program.

D is for Disney.  I looove Disney movies. The older ones, of course.  I could watch The Aristocats over and over and never get sick.

D is for dancing.  Keith and I are going to take dance lessons. Its his idea. He really wants to dance with me.  He’s a sweet goon like that. 😉

D is for dates.  Which we need to do more of.  I also do Mother Daughter Dates.  I have a book that gives you suggestions on what to do on your date and gives you things to talk about and how to emphasize to your daughter that the things this world holds valuable really do not matter in the long run. Its her inner beauty, kindness and brilliance that will get her far.

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