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Honoring Our Husbands

December 17, 2007

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketHonoring and respecting our husbands is at the heart of our marital responsibilities as godly wives. We are called to do our husbands “good and not harm” every day, but often our husbands are not the first priority. And even when they are our first priority we can always do more to show them how we appreciate and honor them as the head of our family. No matter the circumstances in your life right now, how long you’ve been married, how busy you are, or how many kids you have, now is a great time to make respecting your hubby a top priority!

Why am I doing this challenge? I am doing it for the simple reason that I want accountability as I, too, practice what I believe to be one of the most important daily (or hourly!) choices we can make. With the stress of 3 little ones Keith has unfortunately fallen down my list of priorities and I think it’s time to get back on track. Of course, I thought it would be much more fun to have some company! Below you find the guidelines for our challenge and suggestions for some day to day ways to implement it. Be creative and come back each week to share how you’ve honored your hubby each week. Post your thoughts on your blog and link them up. I, for one, want my husband to say that he has the best wife around! What about you?

God has a solution that, if we adopt it, will revolutionize our relationships. While many people fight to receive respect, Christian marriage calls us to focus our efforts on giving respect. We are called to honor someone even when we know only too well their deepest character flaws. We are called to stretch ourselves, to find out how we can learn to respect this person with whom we’ve become so familiar.
Sacred Marriage by Gary Thomas

We are all coming to this challenge from different places in our marriages. Some of you have been in a rough spot lately and may find it hard to change habits. Some of your marriages are on a mountaintop and you will find choosing to honor your husband easy. Some of you are new to marriage and some of you have been married decades. Regardless of our circumstances, the best way to work this challenge is to begin your day in prayer for your husband and your marriage. If you are not familiar with The Power of a Praying Wife I encourage you to buy it, check it out of the library or borrow it from a friend. It is a wonderful resource for lifting up our husbands in prayer. Otherwise, begin each day this next 30 days with this prayer or one of your own:

God of renewal, everywhere your Holy Spirit breathes new life into creation. As I undertake this day to bring glory to you by honoring my husband, I ask you to be present in my marriage. Guide me to know in which things I should ask forgiveness, in which things I should change, and in which things I should ask for the grace to let go. Show me new ways to respect my husband today and open my eyes to all that you have made him to be. I trust in your goodness and in the covenant my husband and I made with you and each other on our wedding day. Through Jesus Christ I pray, Amen.*

Throughout each day, put aside negative words and bring good to your husband by words and actions. Notice things he does for you and your family and show your appreciation. Compliment him. Speak well of him in public, both in his presence and when he is not with you. Give him the opportunity to be your hero and praise his masculinity. Tell your children (if you have them) how wonderful their daddy is. Accept his decisions with grace and really support them, even if you don’t fully agree. If you have a disagreement, show respect by maintaining a pleasant tone of voice and eye contact. Don’t be insincere, but surprise him by withholding a typical negative reaction in favor of a God-honoring one.Choose a few small goals for yourself each week and make sure to post them. Write them on post-its and put them on your mirror, in your car and your purse, or anywhere else you’ll see them. Keep a journal for the month about successes and struggles. What is hardest for you to do? What comes easily? How is your husband responding to your efforts?Her children arise and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praises her: “Many women do noble things, but you surpass them all.”My goals for this week are:

  • Make an effort to greet him immediately when he comes home each day and not call out a quick “hi” from the couch, or the kitchen, or wherever else I am at the time.
  • Always use a respectful and loving tone of voice.
  • Think twice before I say what pops into my head. If I get annoyed about something wait a while before addressing it. Chances are it won’t be as bothersome later.

So, who’s with me?

I know all of you are not “Christian” but I think together we can come up with some great ways of honoring our husbands!

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