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Booked By Three

March 4, 2008

WEEDINGIt’s a painful practice most of the time, but with a finite amount of space, sometimes, books must be weeded from the collection.

  1. Do you weed regularly? If so, how often? If not, why not?

Nope, not at all.  Sometimes, Keith will suggest I clean out the books and sort out what I want to take to McKay, the used bookstore here.  I hate parting with my books though.

  1. Do you have guidelines you stick with?

None. Other than below. 

  1. Are there books you would never weed?

If I have read it more than once it stays.  If it is a Stephen King, Neil Gaiman or Anne Rice, it stays.  If I bought it in paperback and loved it enough to go back and buy in hardback, it stays.  If its my old school VC Andrews series from when I was a kid, it stays.  99% of all my Christian or Self-Help Non-Fiction stays.

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