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Singing On Key

August 1, 2008


Do you like to sing?  Sometimes. It really depends who is around.  If its the hubby and the kids, oh yeah! And sometimes I sing like a goon and sometimes I actually have heard that its good. If there are other people around, I just hum. Hmmmmmmm

Do you sing in the car? Like a mad woman – especially to songs that the kids love so I can RUIN their songs for them. 

 In the shower? No. I think a lot in the shower though, does that count?

Have you ever sung a solo in public? Are you on crack? Wait!!!!!!!!!!! I have!!!  I sang Karoke once solo (The Time Warp in a REDDDDneck bar) and with a bunch of 15 year olds (I was 30 at the time) on the night of my wedding.

Can you carry a tune, at least in a bucket? I personally do not think so. I can carry water though.  And sand.  And anything else you want to hand me… in a bucket.  And I know TWO people nicknamed Buckethead.  Does that count?

Have you ever felt as if life was out of tune somehow, even for a short while? Does anyone NOT think this?  There are days where I am so out of whack I don’t know what day it is, much less if something were to be out of tune.

Have you ever actually lost your keys? Funny this should be a question today.  My husband hid my keys from me for three days. I finally found them today because I had to go to the library to stock up for the week. I did not find it amusing.

What are your keys to living? I am covered by Grace.

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  1. nickersandink permalink
    August 2, 2008 8:45 am

    This one cracked me up!

    Thanks for participating at MEME EXPRESS. Hope you will be back often!


    MEME EXPRESS – daily blog prompts

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