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I’m Mobile

October 30, 2008

After nearly a years worth of off and again and on again trying, I got the laptop connected to the two other computers.  Oh its a scary thought that I can now surf while lying in bed or while Keith watches TV.  Scary, I tell ya, scary.

Home Depot called today.  After two weeks they finally have received the MEASUREMENTS for my door – I have to go today to remind the guy which door and then he can schedule an installation. Said it will probably be mid-November.  Argh.

The drama team’s skit went so well last night. Even if one of the main characters didn’t even show up.  We had someone else fill in for him last minute (he had seen the skit before).  Whew.

Its still cold and I am still happy about that. I probably will be sick of it in a week or two.

Dont forget to vote!

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