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Working Mothers

July 20, 2009

I had this really long (and I do mean really) blog written out. I do believe that WordPress ate it. I am going to try to recreate it.

It’s been quite a while. I am going to try, again, to blog more regularly.  It is very theraputic for me and always has been. I just don’t keep up with it.

So someone asked me now that I am a stay-at-home mom, what I do all day.  This person was implying I eat bon-bons and watch soap operas all day.  Let’s see, what did I do today? 

I slept in till 8:30. I admit I goofed off for awhile drinking coffee and answering email. I picked up the girls at ten from their mother.  We got home, gathered our books and trekked downtown to the library.  I drove around for ten minutes to find a “close” parking spot so that the girls wouldn’t have to walk that far.  Once parked, I realized I had only one quarter. A whopping 20 minutes were mine!  We turned in summer reading logs, picked out new books and proceeded to check out. Now let me add here, we don’t just grab any ole books to read.  I stay with the girls and let them choose subjects that interest them and lead them toward those types of books.  Katie is pretty good about picking hers out herself.  She is currently reading “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire”. Did I mention she is nine?  She goes straight to the popular juvenile books and picks out some books that I never would have guessed she would pick. Emily, on the other hand, isn’t so easy to please.  She is eight and reads on a Kindergarten (maybe first grade) reading level.  She doesn’t like the “baby books” but can’t read beyond them.  So we take a while picking out just the “right” books.

Did you think I would go to the library without picking up some books of my own?  I decided to start reading The Modern Library’s Top 100 Novels of all time. I have read a lot of them. Since I am going straight down the list, I will re-read them all. I am on Atlas Shrugged.

I went to the new McKay this weekend. I am in love. I have been back twice since the first visit. *swoon* Sadly, there isn’t enough parking (still!!!) but I love the layout and how there is more room between aisles! Its clean! It smells clean! They hired a lot more people so that’s less time I have to wait.

Sunday, I bought a two books for myself. Wednesday, I the two little girls 5 books each. Abby couldn’t find any she wanted, so she just bought one. I bought a few for myself. Including an American History textbook and Teacher’s Addition. Yeah, I am going to teach myself history. I have taken and dropped out of that class three times. I really need to know more about history.

Speaking of history, my hubby starts school next month! He is going back to get his degree!!! Right now, he is only taking two classes (by internet): Psych and Comp 2. He and I are going to study together and try to get him a 4.0 from now on. Its very exciting for us both!

The exes are calm right now. No UNUSUAL drama. Marcy said it best when she said “If that wasn’t the norm, it would be suprising.” I’m sure when school starts, the drama will return.

Yeah, school starts in no time (two weeks?) and my baby heads off to high school. I cannot believe I am old enough (34)!!! She has been at the same school for 9 years. With all the same friends. And now, she heads off to a new school with some of the same friends. Hopefully, she will get the hang of it easy enough.

Enough of my babble for one day. Hopefully I shall talk to you again soon.

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