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Rock n Roll Princess Skull Birthday Cake

July 27, 2009

Since I posted the duck cakes, thought I should post the Rock N Roll Princess Skull Birthday Cake too.


This one was so easy. I didn’t have good frosting though so it looks very… ehhh… goopy? Is that a word?

Its two round cakes and 14 cupcakes.
Take the first round cake, place it for the main part of the skull.
Use the other round to make the mouth piece. Use a serrated knife. A butter knife or something akin doesn’t work. The cake will just crumble up.
Use the cupcakes to make the crossbones.
Ice it all.
Put the pretty little face on it (chocolate frosting).
Attach a pretty pink hair bow.

Voila! Em’s Rock N Roll Princess Skull Birthday Cake!

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  1. Katrina permalink
    July 27, 2009 5:27 pm

    I’ll teach you how to make good icing next time I’m down there…I used to decorate cakes remember :p
    It looks great! I never would’ve thought of something like that. lol

    • sarcasticredheadedgeek permalink
      July 28, 2009 7:33 pm

      I normally use regular frosting, but this time I used whipped and it really sucked.

      THANKS! 🙂

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