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Love Never Dies

August 5, 2009

Our four year anniversary was this past week. Thursday to be exact. The girls and I planned out a very exhaustive day to celebrate. We cleaned house. We took baths (you have to smell good on your anniversary, according to Katie. Do I stink normally? 🙂 ). We made cupcakes.

Spaghetti and Meatballs

Abby cooked spaghetti (to go with our cupcakes), bread and fixed salads. Our friend Chip came over. We ate, drank and played poker all evening long.

Keith had already bought me some fabric and basic sewing notions as a present. I bought him a motorcycle. 😉 On Friday, he came home and gave me two more gifts: one was a brass knuckle necklace. I really like it. Its NOT something I would have bought for myself but I do like it and am wearing it now. He also bought me a Love Never Dies figurine. We have one of them on our mantle – it was our wedding cake topper. Here is the new one:
Love Never Dies

We spent the weekend alone. Or should I say without kids? Andre and Caitie came over before Keith got home on Friday. We went out for dinner with a group from church. After dinner, we had a couple (and by a couple, I mean Keith had two and I had three) drinks. Saturday we were GOING to go to the movies, but we didn’t wake up in time. Keith had a show Saturday night (it was really good!). Sunday we were going to go to the movie. Keith was taking a nap after church and we missed it. We did get to go out to dinner though.

It was a low key great weekend.

Next year, is supposed to be a big celebration: its FIVE years!

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