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A world in which elves exist and magic works offers greater opportunities to digress and explore. Terry Brooks

December 2, 2009

Last night, we decorated our tree! I love decorating the tree. We decorate the first chance we get with all three girls right after Thanksgiving.

Keith pulled down the tree from the attic, opened it up and lo and behold there was an ELF in our box! He was holding a letter from Santa! How about that! Here is what the letter said:

Dear Abby, Katie and Emily,

Jenifer recently contacted me about adopting an elf for this Christmas season. It is my pleasure to introduce you to Tique the Elf. He has been assigned as your Magic Elf.

Tique will visit your home at 124 Melrose Drive every day from December 1, 2009 until December 25, 2009 to observe your behaviour. When I arrive on Christmas Eve, Tique will give me a full report on your behaviour and I will leave presents according to how you have behaved while Tique was visiting.

Be wary! Tique is a very mischievous elf! Jenifer has assured me you ladies can handle him though! He will probably explore your home from top to bottom when you have gone to sleep. I have that problem at the North Pole. Sometimes he makes messes too. It is going to be your job to help clean up his messes too! Jenifer and Keith cannot do all the work by themselves! Remember, Tique will be taking notes!

At any time, Tique’s whereabouts will be subject to whimsy. Basically this means, don’t expect to wake up and find him in the same place where you put him to bed! In the mornings, find him and ask Jenifer to put him back!

One of the most important things about adopting an elf is you may never touch him! He will lose his magical powers! You may talk to him all your want though. And if you want to pass along special messages to me, Tique will be visiting me from time to time to help out in the workshop and can pass those messages along!

One last thing! Be sure and leave out some crackers and water for him at night to snack on! The crackers remind him of crunching snow and the water reminds him of melting ice!
Love, Santa

The girls went crazy! Apparently, Emily had asked for an Elf to come to her mom’s house. I had no idea! But their elf had not arrived at Heather’s yet! (Thank goodness!)

As per Santa’s instructions, I was the only one to touch him and carefully placed him in his new home: the top shelf of the baker’s rack. I caught Emily moving a chair over and whispering her secrets to him a few times.

This morning we woke up and saw that Tique had been busy!

Apparently, our Elf likes the Wii! He really must like Cooking Mama! He fell asleep with that one still on the TV!

Katie was being quite logical about the whole thing. She pointed out that he wasn’t quite tall enough to play the guitar for Guitar Hero and wanted to know why it was out. Hopefully she understands that magic surpasses all logic. 😉

Overall, though, I think all three girls are thrilled with the idea of having a bit more magic this Christmas season. Follow me every day (I hope!) as I document Tique’s happenings here!

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