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Interfaith Homeless Network

December 3, 2009

I first heard about Interfaith Homeless Network from my friend, Kenny at a Net Reach meeting. He briefly mentioned it, said I should check them out. I made a mental note that I quickly erased.

A few weeks later, I was trying to find some lesser known non-profits for Net Reach to work with and I came across Interfaith again. I checked out theirsite and to be honest, (no offense Ruth or Mary Ellen!!!) the site didn’t catch my eye, but eventually, this page did.

I printed off the application and mailed it in. I waited a week and heard nothing. I called to check on the application. Someone would get back with me. I waited another week. Repeated the process. A couple of weeks later, I went to the volunteer’s meeting for the Grateful Gobbler walk. Ruth, the admin over at IHN was there. I asked about volunteering. She said she would have someone call me.

A couple of weeks later someone did.

So here I am today to educate you guys on what Interfaith does. 🙂
They are a homeless day center for families. They partner with about 40 local churches. The churches provide a place for the families to sleep at night and transport the families back to the day center in the mornings. The families then have a place to spend their days so they are not out on the streets.

They have access to showers, laundry facilites, a kitchen, living room, play area (both indoors and out), a nap area for the little ones and a library. They soon will be adding a computer to their extra room to apply for jobs online.

Last weekend, Keith and I went down to volunteer a few hours of our time. We just hung out. We watched a movie. Keith played a few games of chess. I talked to moms. We ate popcorn (not in the living room though! That is against the rules!). We had a great time.

I met some truly amazing people. Its hard for me to imagine what it must be like. These women are in the same position I was in a few years ago: poor, single moms without family to support them. How easily I could have become just a statistic to so many people. How amazing to be helping them.

This weekend, we are going to decorate for Christmas. I am going to take a few Christmas movies down. I bet we have a great time again.

Wow, did this totally sound like a sales pitch?
maybe it was.

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