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December 29, 2009

I feel like a kitty cat today. I’m curled up with my pjs on in the sun. I stretch like a kitty cat and smile. I think back over the past week with a warm cup of coffee and am content.

Its been hectic, but its been good. Let me fill you in. Or put it down on paper 😉 so I can remember it rather.

We flew in on Sunday. We flew from Chattanooga to Charlotte and from Charlotte to Boston. My InLaws picked us up in Boston and there was probably six inches of snow on the ground. it was gorgeous.

On Monday, we went about forty five minutes north to my Brother and Sister In Law’s house. More snow there! We had a baby shower for my SIL and a birthday party for Keith. Quite the evening.

Tuesday was a shopping day.

Wednesday Keith and I went downtown with my FIL to help sort toys for The Bruce Roberts Toy Fund. Its really cool and if you are lucky, you will her a ton more about something similar here in Chattanooga but let’s just let it go at it’s a toy drive for under privileged children. Its set up totally different from anything I have ever seen before and I hope to do it here. Keep your fingers crossed and your prayers lifted. That night Keith and I went out with some old friends of his. We had a great time.

Thursday was Christmas Eve and we went to my Sister In Laws Parents house. There was snow mobiling, snow ball fighting, sledding, intertubing and snowman making to be had there. Then inside for hot chocolate and coffee. Then off to home before we headed back out for stocking stuffers!! And helping my MIL wrap all her presents. And her stocking stuffers. I have never met anyone who wraps stocking stuffers before her. So now I have to do it because its just weird if I don’t.

Friday was Christmas. It was a wonderful day. The girls slept in until around 8:30. We made French Toast and Pancakes for everyone while we waited on my BIL and SIL to head down and then we opened stockings. Tique left a note telling us he had left a friend and whoever found that friend got to play Santa this year. We found an elf from my Rudolf figurine collection in Keith’s stocking. Keith handed out presents and we had a blast opening them.

For those of you who have asked the girls presents were as follows and I am sure I am forgetting stuff:

Abby got EVERYTHING she asked for and then some. She was totally spoiled. A laptop (from her dad), a digital camera, an Ipod, a couple of tshirts, a couple of clothing gift cards, some ITunes gift cards, a board game, two tons of makeup and books.

Katie received a $75 Barnes and Noble GC, clothing gift cards, a Japanese shirt that she is using as a sleep shirt, a board game, a new bed, a GALLON of clay, books, books, and more books.

Emily got a leather biker’s jacket (its the cutest thing on her and she absolutely LOVES It more than any of the girls love ANY of their presents!), clothing gift cards, make up, a nail makeover kit, clothes, board games, cds, movies, books, clothes, clothes, clothes 🙂

Everyone received PJs the night before Christmas Eve from Tique.

The evening of Christmas we went to see The Blind Side with Sandra Bullock. Keith and I have already seen it once already but its such a good movie we were willing to see it again. The family – all of them – loved it.

And on Christmas evening at 9.30 PM, I gave my family the final Christmas gift, I smoked my last cigarette. 🙂 Woohoo!

Saturday the family went over to a snow park. Yeah, much like a water park, its an amusement park in the snow. I wasn’t interested in it so I slept in the car and read some in the car. Then Keith and I went and had lunch with some more of his old friends. After that we were back home for packing and dinner.

It was a terrific trip. It was absolutely, the best trip we have had with his family so far. I would do it again in a heartbeat. I was really worried this time about going because I was so looking forward to having Christmas here with our Net Family but it was so good! I am very glad we went.

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  1. Katrina permalink
    December 31, 2009 10:27 am

    how is the not smoking going? I’m considering it…we’ll see how this evening goes!

  2. kristyloo16 permalink
    February 2, 2010 10:02 pm

    Do your IL live in Booston! We have been there once and would go again in a second! One of Peyton’s favorite trips ever!

  3. sarcasticredheadedgeek permalink
    February 3, 2010 9:11 am

    Kristy, they live in Maine, but Boston is the largest nearest airport for them to pick us up at. 🙂 the flight was much cheaper to go there than to Portland. I love Boston!!!

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