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Birthday Parties on a Budget?

March 9, 2010

The first in the round of birthday parties is coming up. Katie’s will set the stage for the rest of the girls’ parties for the year. If we go all out on hers, we must go all out on the other two. If we save money here, we can save money on the other two. See what I am getting at? And of course, Katie wants to go all out. The kid who never wants a big party wants to go all out this year.

She wants an indoor pool party.

I called the local YMCA. The woman on the phone was quite cheerful!

“Hamilton! Place! YMCA! How! Can! I! Help! You!?”

“I need some information on birthday parties at the indoor pool, please.”

“Sure! What kind of information did you need?”

The helpful kind. “Well, just the basic information: cost and what that entails, if a specific date and time is available, that type of thing.”

“Sure! Our birthday parties are for 25 children and your rental is for 2 hours: one hour in the pool with a trained lifeguard (as opposed to an untrained lifeguard I assume) and one hour in the party room. And that is only $130!”

“Oh. Only $130. Ok. Well do you have an opening on March 27th?”

“Sure do! Just stop on in and fill out our reservation form!”

“Ok. Thanks.”

$130? Really? That doesn’t count her cake, decorations, paper goods and presents. What happened to the days of Katie having a party in the backyard with a friend dressed up as SpiderMan? So I called around and found out that the Brainerd Rec center has an indoor pool and offers pool parties for… $25 an hour. Of course they are booked up until April. So Katie will have a late birthday party.

But I gotta know how much you are willing to pay for your kiddo’s birthday party. Am I being a scrooge?

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