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Button Eyes and Cancelled Parties

March 24, 2010

Katie decided on a pool party this year. I think I mentioned that earlier. We found that the Brainerd Rec Center charged a whole lot less than the YMCA. A whole lot less. All was fine and dandy and it was scheduled for April the 3rd.

The girls always choose a theme for their party. This year Katie wants a Coraline party. Coraline. Coraline? Really? Come on. Make it hard on dear ole Stepmom. Last year it was a duck theme. Yellow and ducks. That was pretty simple. (Here is last year’s cupcake creation: ) But Coraline?

So I spent an entire weekend thinking up Coraline thoughts. Here we go: Black and dark purple for the colors. Then I thought, well what am I going to decorate? I mean, its a pool. What do you decorate? No streamers. No balloons. The plates and napkins and cups can be black and purple. The punch will be purple. Check. Then we can play pin the button eye on The Other Mother!!! What a cool game! But wait, the kids are going to be swimming. So no time for games. Uncheck that one.

I made the invitations Saturday:

That’s Coraline’s key for unlocking the door to the other world. We handed out most of the invitations Sunday and Monday.

Then there is the cake. I am making The Other Mother’s Birthday Cake.
I simply cannot wait. You guys know how much I love doing cakes. I was going to make cupcakes and simply put buttons on the top – that was my genius plan at first. But Keith didn’t think that was creative enough.

Abby found this cake:
but there is no way I can do that one.

So I pretty much have it planned out and all should be ok, no?


Monday afternoon I received a call from the Rec Center. At first they told me that they had accidentally booked the party during swim lesson time and it wouldn’t work. I was fine with changing the time. A little miffed that they hadn’t told me that when I booked it, but fine with it. Then they said they made the mistake of booking it over Easter because none of the lifeguards wanted to work Easter weekend anyway so they couldn’t do it Easter weekend.

So I rescheduled for the next weekend Katie would be with us. The 17th. Then Keith told me later the girls have a dress rehearsal for ballet class that day. So I called back and re-rescheduled for the 10th. Come to find out, I have a church outreach that day. I am not rescheduling again.

Why can’t birthday parties be simple?

Next year really won’t be simple. Next year? Sweet Sixteen.

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