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Surprises of All Surprises

May 24, 2010

We are going to help in home-schooling the girls.

Pick yourself up off the floor now.

Yes, seriously.

Here’s how it came to be:

Em didn’t score “at grade level” for both of her tests. What that means is the girls go to public school. Keith sent the girls’ mom an email after we got the test results telling her we enforcing having them placed in school. Then we got serious about talking to each other – and more importantly, God, about it.

We had been talking about how cheesy the “WWJD” bracelets and marketing campaign was but that in all reality, it is a good way to end your life – asking yourself “What would Jesus do in this situation?” Even for a non-Christian who maintains that Jesus was simply a nice guy, they can follow this. Well, I asked Keith to apply the WWJD school of thought to the girls’ education. He warned me if we did that, we might not like the outcome.

Know that we have been pushing to have the girls placed in school for six years now. For six years they have not succeeded in the homeschooling environment with their mother. For six years, we have been kept our of their education. Unfortuantely, for six years, there has been hostility between the girls’ mother and ourselves over education and the girls have picked up on it.

So I asked Keith to think about it: would Jesus put the girls in school?
*They are so far behind, could a teacher who has 25-30 students feasibly catch them up?
*They have been involved in church and a very small homeschool co-op and that’s all for socialization for six years. I love the girls to death, but they are not socially mature. They would get severly made fun of and would not make friends very easily.
*Quite honestly, what good was our education? What have we used of our public school education? Our algebra? What about our essay writing skills?
*Other than learning how to be promiscious, try drinking and drugs, be materialistic, be rude, be disrespectful, be greedy and be shallow what did we learn?

So, we have decided to let them stay in the homeschool environment – with a few changes:

*The girls will be involved in another, academic based co-op. The one they are in now is a socialization co-op. They need one that does learning together.
*The curriculum has to change. The curriculum they have been using is obviously not working. We have to get something new.
* The girls have to be involved in two extra-curriculars at a time. I know that sounds like a lot to some of you, but when you are done with school at 2PM, its not hard to get them to an art lesson or ballet recital. And no, girl scouts at home does not count.
* Oh, the big one? I get to co-teach. I can’t tell you how excited I am. And I know most of you are used to my sarcasm. This isn’t sarcasm. This is legit.

This decision is definitely the right one. I feel complete peace about it.
I cannot wait for the next school year to begin. Or rather, the summer to begin since we will be doing catch-up work over the summer!

If you have any great homeschooling resources, send em my way! And wish us luck, we have a meeting tomorrow to talk to the girls’ mother about everything.

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